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What to Expect


What should you expect during your first visit at Fellowship Bible Church? 

Our priority at Fellowship is to make you feel as welcomed as possible. You can wear whatever you like -- some dress in their "Sunday best", and some dress in jeans and flip flops. You will hopefully notice that we welcome an eclectic group on Sunday mornings! 

As you enter the Landers, you will be greeted and given a bulletin. The bulletin has Sunday service informantion. 

When you walk into the foyer, please visit the welcome desk. We will have all the information you need (kids ministry, small groups, youth, etc), as well as a gift for you! This is also where you will check in your children for Sunday school. 

As is part of our value, our worship is both ancient and modern. We integrate liturgical elements such as a call to worship, corporate confession of sin, and recitation of the Apostle's Creed. We feel this is important because we want to be connected to the church throughout history. We also feel that it's important to integrate the musical treasures of contemporary worship. Because of this, you will probably notice a blend of old and new. That's our aim!

Our sermons are around 30 minutes long, and we always try to center on the gospel, and what God has done for the world in Christ. We want to preach good news, not good advice! 

Beyond this, we hope that you feel welcomed at our church. If you have any questions beyond this, feel free to contact us here