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Church Plants


Imago Dei Community Church

Pastor: Ryan Rice

Jesus is the gospel, the good news for our church, our city, and our state! His life, death, and resurrection are central to everything we do and say.

Our vision is to establish a regionally located, gospel-centered church in the North Valley that will start other churches, campuses, and venues all throughout Arizona. With all of our local & global partnerships, we believe this is not just a dream but our church's responsibility for the glory of God and the good of our city and state.

The gospel for all people drives us to intentionally seek to reflect the kingdom of God and beauty of the gospel in our congregation.

Mission_ImagoDeiWe will increasingly become more diverse, economically, educationally, and ethnically, as the church grows. Our church is strategically located in proximity to large international populations and a wide range of demographics.


The Embassy Church

Pastor: Brandon Washington

The Embassy Church affirms certain characteristics that are conducive to our goal of making God famous throughout the world. We call these characteristics “Distinctives.” They are specific to us and are inherent to our DNA as a church. Below, you will find a list of our “Distinctives” and a brief explanation of each of them. For a more exhaustive discussion of them you may listen to our “Leaders Roundtable Discussion: Intro to The Embassy”.

TEAM (see “Why Team Leadership?”)

  • We are guarded and shepherded by a team of elders.
  • We are guided by a team of valued staff members.
  • We are gifted by teams of embassadors who actively live out the mission.

DIVERSITY AND INTEGRATION (listen to “The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation”)

  • We desire a gathering of believers that is racially, culturally, and socio-economically diverse.
  • It is our desire that our communities will live integrated lives.

MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES (see “Why Missional Communities?”)

  • We value and prioritize small missional groups; they will be our entry point and means to authentic community
  • We will mobilize these groups for the sake of missional living (locally, nationally and internationally).
  • And we will direct our resources and attention to these groups in a manner that reflects their priority.


  • We desire to be a church-planting church. We will invest into like-minded missions.
  • We will also train, equip, and launch leaders as we work toward the goal of planting missional churches.


  • We value wise and biblical financial stewardship in order to maximize our ability to propagate kingdom purposes in our communities.



(720) 295-0670